Perler Color Changing Bead Kit

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Product Overview

  • This Perler Color Change Activity Kit combines classic beads with beads that change colors!
  • The color change beads alternate color when hot or cold, providing hours of fun!
  • Create patterns using the pattern sheet that is included or come up with your own designs.
  • Includes:
    • 1500 regular and color-changing beads
    • 3 pegboards—small hexagon, small square and small star
    • Ironing paper and pattern sheet with easy instructions.
  • The bead colors include:
    • white
    • yellow
    • orange
    • red
    • purple
    • dark blue
    • light blue
    • black
    • clear
    • light brown
    • tan
    • pastel green
    • cheddar
    • hot coral
    • plum
    • kiwi lime
    • green
    • raspberry
    • cranapple
  • The color-changing beads appear more translucent:
    • light blue changes to pale blue
    • black changes to pale grey
    • raspberry changes to pale pink
    • red changes to pale yellow
    • pastel green changes to pale yellow
    • purple changes to light pink
  • Ages 6 and up


(No reviews yet) Write a Review